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Oslavia - the New Old Home of "Orange Wine"

Besides red, white and rosé, orange has recently become the new wine color in many places. Even though skin-macerated white wines are anything but new, so-called “orange wines” are a hot topic in the wine media – but not always in a positive way as previously reported by Cool Climate

The small town of Oslavia in Italy’s Friuli region has become something of a new home for orange wines. Right on the Slovenian border, this town has become the epicenter for the process of rediscovering an ancient winemaking tradition. A group of local vignerons first started using the Brda’s and Collio’s traditional methods of producing white wine. Stanislao Radikon (friends call him Stanko) has since become known as one of the pioneers of – and strongest advocates for – “orange wines”. 

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Regular Natural Wine Soirées by Cool Climate are Starting Now!


Starting on October 20th, Cool Climate offers Natural Wine Tastings on a regular base. The tastings will take place at Weinstube Offenbach. Participants will be introduced to the topic of Natural Wine by Sommelier Christian Lebherz. He will also answer any and all of the questions regarding the wines tasted!

Attendance Fee per Person: 30 €

Maximum Number of Participants: 30

Start of the Tasting: 19:00

Approximate End of the Tasting: 22:00 

The attendance fee includes wine, water and bread. French bistro-style snacks will also be available and can be ordered from the regular Weinstube menu!

Mandatory registration via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are looking forward to your visit!

Visiting Medana – Part II of the Cool Climate Portrait of a Fascinating Region

Just three kilometers northeast of Cormòns lies the Slovenian village of Medana. Close to the town center, right on the edge of a steep vineyard slope, Aleks Klinec and his wife Simona run a family restaurant offering top-quality regional food. After touring the regional vineyards, this is the perfect place to stop by for lunch or dinner.

Aleks is a busy man. The former art student has dedicated himself fully to rural life. Besides being the family-restaurant’s chef, Aleks works in his vineyards, and produces various vinegars as well as small amounts of delicious prosciutto. His brother Uros, a qualified butcher, entirely focuses on producing the regional prosciutto named kraski prsut. Contrary to common belief, world-class prosciutto cannot not only be found on the Italian side of the Collio (especially in the DOC region of San Daniele). Instead, prosciutto of equal quality also sprouts in the Slovenian Karst-mountains. 

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Brda and Collio - Part I of the Cool Climate Portrait of a Fascinating Region

Italy’s Friuli, in the far northeast of the country right next to the Slovenian border, is home to the wine region of Collio. Its great white wines don’t quite fit the prevalent image of Italian whites as being trivial fruity Trebbianos or Pinot Grigios with a stale beer taste. It is for the local grape varietals that the Collio whites are different. They produce high quality wines of authenticity and character. 

The scenic landscape of Brda and Collio is truly beautiful. Located between the southern foothills of the Friulian Alps and the northern tip of the Adriatic Sea, the region features ideal conditions for viticulture. Encompassed by the wine regions of Isonzo DOC, the Colli Orientali and the Slovenian Brda, the Collio is a strip of land 20 km long and 4 km wide. Overall, you’ll find 1500 hectares of vines here. 

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Valette Revisited

It was just about time to turn attention back on the great wines of Domaine Valette! For more detailed information see the Cool Climate portrait on Domaine Valette from October 2013.

Here are some tasting notes on two Valette-wines that I happened to enjoy recently:


2006 Domaine Valette, Mâcon-Villages:

Distinctly spicy on the nose, discreet yeasty tones paired with the opulent fruit typical for Valette. Even with some breathing-time, there are no signs of bottle age. This is a fresh and elegant wine, showing a fine use of oak and profound minerality. On the palate, there are mellow aromas of brioche, apricot-chutney, and white blossom. These aromas show very clear but somewhat freaky at the same time. Compact, with great mineral touch and a nice almost phenolic structure. There is however a bit of heat on the finish. This is a wine that still needs time to open up.

On the second day the wine is fully open showing intense minerality, great phenolic structure and persistent acidity. The beautiful Chardonnay-fruit elegantly underlines the discreet brioche-aroma. On the finish, the wine now shows fine bitterness and a hint of tannins. Very long and well defined, with a restrained aftertaste of walnuts. Spectacular quality here, especially for a Village-level wine! 

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